Why a Massage is Better Than Having a Boyfriend


Why a Massage is Better Than Having a Boyfriend

Isn’t a relaxing massage just great? Are you wondering why your boyfriend can’t be just as great?  These are the top 5 reasons why getting a massage is better than having a boyfriend.

  1. The Power of Touch: Touch is the first sense we develop.  It has the power to calm, relax, and builds trust can communication.
  2. A massage therapist touches you in the right spot: Have an aching back or sore muscles.  Don’t worry a massage therapist knows just were to massage to relieve your aches.
  3. It’s All About You: Getting a massage is an hour long session focusing just on you and you alone.
  4. Relieve Stress: Getting a massage reduces stress, increases circulation, and releases endorphins leaving you feeling great.
  5. Commitment: A massage therapist is always there for you.  They set up an appointment.  You can count on getting a massage.

About Seven Stones Healing Massage and Spa

Seven Stones Healing Massage and Spa is designed to give our clients the ultimate experience in relaxation, while enjoying one of our spa services. Our Spa has been specializing in the massage therapy business for over ten years and continues to provide to the community exceptional massage therapy services. We want to give our clients an experience, not a service. Our professional staff have years of hands-on experience in the field of massage therapy.

Our mission at Sevens Stones Spa is to provide our clients with the highest degree of health and wellness, in a professional yet relaxing setting. We are committed to changing the world bit by bit from the outside in, while creating a confident, healthier you from the inside out. We want to provide our clients with the ultimate experience in relaxation.

We specialize in seven massage therapy services including Swedish, Deep Tissue, Reflexology, Hot Stone, Trigger Point, Prenatal and Custom Therapeutic. Do not miss out on our Facials, Ear Candling, Body Wraps, Scrubs and Waxing services too! There is also an infrared hot sauna on site for additional relaxation and cleansing detoxification. Call Seven Stones Spa today to book your next ultimate spa experience and leave feeling refreshed, relaxed and radiant.

We are located at 3327 Winthrop Ave. Ste. #222, behind the iconic Ridglea Theater off Camp Bowie Blvd. We are located inside of the Ridglea Renaissance building.


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