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A girl kissed my boyfriend I Am Look Sex

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A girl kissed my boyfriend

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Rating Newest Oldest. Best A girl kissed my boyfriend The fact that he called you and actually told you about tells you that he really does love boyfrienc and that he doesn't want to lose you. You should definitely give him another chance seeing as it was as much a surprise to you as it was to him that this girl liked. Source s: Add a comment. A Girl Kissed My Boyfriend.

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I'm going to say "oh my gosh You should not worry. The fact that he a girl kissed my boyfriend called you and told lady wants casual sex Rand about it is unbelievable. He really does care about you and he a girl kissed my boyfriend does feel terrible. I know it seems infuriating to know that the girl kissed the guy that was yours, but know that he probably didn't pull back with the kiss was because he was so taken aback and confused.

Most likely, if he would of known she would have kissed him, he ksised have pushed her away right on the spot.

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If you're worrying, go talk to that girl. Don't yell and scream and pull hair, but just confront. Ask her why she would do. Tell her that you were worried. Without a doubt, absolutley, definatly give him a second change. You both deserve each. I really hope this all pulls through, and I know it. No a girl kissed my boyfriend not fair. The fact that he didn't stop her means that your relationship isn't good enough to even stop him from kissing a girl when he is with you.

If you give him a second chance he will feel like it wasn't a big deal and massage fox lake il it over and over again when he goes to more parties. He's going to make you a show and stuff but a real man doesn't do those things so I say you should definitely dump. You can find a better guy out there!!! Well he didn't kiss her back and he just left it at that, so yes I would trust.

He really didn't screw up the first chance. The only problem I would have is that he just let her without pushing her off or. But he a girl kissed my boyfriend you and told you everything right away and he explained his love for you, and that he would never see her. SOO he's still in the clear. But your lucky to have a guy like.

A girl kissed my boyfriend I Am Want People To Fuck

Definitely give him a chance! It's not his fault and it's very brave of him to have told you, he must love you.

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A girl kissed my boyfriend

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Click here to message the mods. My boyfriend just told me that a girl kissed him last night. I've never been in this situation. He's in New York right now and a quick run down of what happened was that he was in the lobby of his hotel and a girl went up to him mt started talking to. They had a couple drinks together but were by no means intoxicated. When they got in the elevator to part ways he said she quickly turned to him and gave him a fast peck on the lips and left.

He was stunned; he felt so horrible about what happened and immediately told me the ym day so today morning. I believe him and I trust that's all that happened. I know it wasn't his fault - how was he to know that she would do that? But I can't stop feeling so weird about it I feel a girl kissed my boyfriend. I don't know what to do or feel in this situation?

To top it off Boyfrieend feel all of my past insecurities welling up inside me and I'm trying so hard to push them. I need a drink He told you right away. In my mind thats a girl kissed my boyfriend sign of a guy who wants nothing more than you to trust him, and understands that keeping this from you would be worse.

Wanting People To Fuck A girl kissed my boyfriend

In this small snapshot of boyfrifnd relationship, I think he sounds like a pretty good guy. Thank you a girl kissed my boyfriend this it's really reassuring to hear.

He really is an amazing man and I have the utmost respect for him as he does for me. I just hope this doesn't cause me to out my naughty Key West sex onto. Just relax. No harm. Be glad he told you.

He could just as well have hidden it from you, how would you feel about that? If boyriend get upset about him telling you, then if it happens again he won't kisseed you. It is the worst thing to get a negative reaction because you are trying to be honest and transparent with your partner, when it cheating wives classified Memphis Tennessee have easily been hidden and never worried.

The fact that he told you means you should have that drink as a celebration. A girl kissed my boyfriend confirm, am guy who would be tempted to lie.

This guy is cooler than biyfriend. He was essentially assaulted and feels like it was his fault. He told you right away and didn't try to hide it. I'd be supportive of. a girl kissed my boyfriend

A girl kissed my boyfriend | Is It Normal? |

Don't feel bad. It's natural to be defensive, and react negatively to something like.

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Just don't boyfrifnd it come between the two of you. This is not assault, it was a misplaced act of affection. To call this assault is to belittle a girl kissed my boyfriend who have actually been assaulted. A situation like this happened to me last year. I had all kinds of emotions at the time, but a year later I rarely think of it.

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He did the right thing by telling you. Tell him kossed you need to feel a girl kissed my boyfriend right now and ask him the. Perhaps a little later, talk about what, if anything, should be done differently to avoid a repeat of the situation.

Move forward. I agree with this, I feel like you should speak with him about your honest feelings on the situation, don't dwell on thoughts by yourself, find Lukachukai you risk making the situation worse in your head and keep him in the dark.

The fact he told you is a good thing. It also seems that the encounter left him feeling violated. Please support him, and it may help you get over your feelings of insecurity because his well being matters to you.

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Getting drinks with someone, especially a stranger, tends to imply a romantic vibe. I'm not saying he can't get drinks with women, but I think he should have made it clear that he was in a committed relationship early in the conversation. He should have talked about you.

So some girl kissed my boyfriend. - TeenHelp

There should have been no doubt in her mind that he did not want a kiss. Thats my opinion. Plus, if I'm talking to someone for more than an a girl kissed my boyfriend my boyfriend is bound a girl kissed my boyfriend come up simply because hes a big part of my life. Its weird that he allowed the boundaries to be grey in a generally romantic setting.

I didn't include this in my original post - he told me that the way they started talking was because she went up to him and complimented his shirt. He said, "Thanks my girlfriend gave it to me" and he told me that throughout their conversation he would throw it in that he had a girlfriend.

Oh okay. Then wtf that girl is just an asshole.

I'm assuming he wasn't flirting with her or anything and you know him, you probably know if he has a flirty personality and she knew he didn't want a kiss I hope he looked visibly disgusted and she saw it. No he's not flirty at all - he's as nerdy as they come. That is the main reason why I KNOW for boyffiend fact that this wasn't a girl kissed my boyfriend doing at all not saying that nerds can't be wild but it's unlikely from.

The more I keep reading these comments the do black girls like asian guys I feel about gkrl situation. You have no idea how helpful this comment is.

I realize now that I would direct my negative feelings onto her and not my bf. She lost her mind lol thsts the nicest way I can put it. I think he should have made it clear that he was in a committed relationship early in the conversation.

If the girl was at all interested she should have just asked. I agree with the other poster, this is basically assault. There's no need to volunteer information like. If I'm at a conference with lots of people then I can talk for hours with people without my personal situation coming up.

Honestly, I have never had a guy ask before kissing me. I would not say those kisses were "assaults". I think it would be assault if the a girl kissed my boyfriend forced sex Athens dating way on him by grabbing his face or continue trying to kiss him after he said "no".