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Colleague's E-mail is Invalid. Your message has been successfully sent to your colleague. Save my selection. To assess sexual activity, sexual functionand their correlation with vaginal maturation status among middle-aged Chinese women.

Sexual activity and function assessment in middle-aged Chine : Menopause

A kl city escort study with comparisons across age groups was carried. In all, women aged 45 to 60 years were recruited into three groups: Sexual activity was recorded with self-administered questionnaires. Low sexual frequency was present in a higher proportion of women, but sexual distress was identified within a lower proportion of women in the eldest group.

Among middle-aged Chinese womensexual desire is lower in 56 to year-old women, compared ssex those aged 45 to 55 years, whereas vaginal dryness and dyspareunia become more prevalent with age. Importantly, sexual function is associated with vaginal maturation status hae women at midlife. Address correspondence to: China, E-mail: The work cannot be changed in any way or used chinese women have sex without permission from the journal.

Sexual function is an important component of chinese women have sex lives. It has been reported that low sexual function adversely affects women's quality of life and interpersonal relationships. One's relationship with a partner and the length of marriage have a great impact on sexual function. Sexual function declines with ageing and throughout the menopausal transition in middle-aged women.

Sex in Traditional Chinese Culture

Womeen toward sex has an important role in sexual function. We conducted a cross-sectional study to compare sexual activity and function among middle-aged Chinese women of different age groups, aged 45 to 50, 51 to 55, and 56 to 60 years. We also evaluated the association between sexual function and vaginal maturation status among these se. Middle-aged women who visited our gynecology outpatient clinic at the First Affiliated Hospital of Dalian Transexual leon University DMU for common gynecological disorders were recruited for participation in the study.

All the women were married and had completed at least primary education. They all had chinese women have sex intact uterus chinese women have sex ovaries. None of the women had undergone hormone therapy. The exclusion criteria were the presence of cardiac, hepatic, and renal disorders; a history or presence of malignancy; cognitive dysfunction; and psychiatric disorders. In all, women aged 45 to 60 years were requested to participate in the survey; of these agreed and were screened over a 3-month period.

Nineteen women chinese women have sex excluded for not satisfying the inclusion criteria.

Eight women did not complete the questionnaires. Ultimately, women mean age All women gave written informed consent before participation.

Educator Chang Mengran is trying to teach Chinese women about their of sex education is having tangible consequences in China—where. Some young, unmarried women in China have no idea about sex before they become pregnant and have to undergo abortions, which could be. Attitude toward sex has an important role in sexual function. .. It has been reported that Chinese women have fewer intimate encounters and less coitus upon.

A cross-sectional survey was administered at the gynecology outpatient clinic of the First Affiliated Hospital of DMU. Two year-old women were included in the eldest group Fig.

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All participants were interviewed by the same investigator. Vaginal smears and pH values were obtained to evaluate vaginal maturation status.

The following demographic data were obtained: The FSFI was used to evaluate sexual function. It consists of 19 questions, making up chinese women have sex informed consent personals, namely, sexual desire, arousal, lubrication, orgasm, satisfaction, and dyspareunia.

Each item chindse a score ranging from 0 to 5.

Regina Transexuals

Scores obtained for each item are then summed up within chinese women have sex domain and then multiplied by a constant factor to yield individual domain scores. The total FSFI score is the sum of scores obtained for each domain, and ranges from 2 to 36, with a higher score associated with a lesser degree of sexual dysfunction.

On the contrary, he argues that the social repression of sex has always come Chinese women, I was constantly puzzled by a fundamental proposi- tion. On the . Only 1 woman had received sex education in the home since most sex-related topics were considered taboo. The Canadian born women had been educated in . Over 60% approved of premarital sexual intercourse when the partners were in Most of the men and women had engaged in kissing, necking, and petting, but.

Vaginal maturation status, serving as an objective means of evaluating estrogen secretion, was assessed chinewe the Vaginal Maturation Index VMI and the vaginal pH value. Chinese women have sex smears were obtained with gentle scrapes in the upper third of the vagina, using a cotton swab, and placed evenly on the slides.

VMI was determined through measurement of the cell types present on the slides.

The means of the two evaluations were used for statistical analysis. Vaginal pH value was checked using a dipstick and compared with the standard colorimetric card. Analysis of variance ANOVA followed by the least significant difference t test was used to analyze differences between chinese women have sex groups.

Chinese women have sex

Qualitative data were presented in the form of percentages. The chi-square test, followed by pair-wise comparisons, was used to compare differences between the three groups. The sociodemographic chinese women have sex of the women in our three different age groups are shown in Table 1.

As expected, there was a statistically significant difference with regard to age between the three groups of women. Moreover, the ratio of women who were menopausal increased with age, from The husband-related factors ie, age and health status, and chinese women have sex length of marriage were comparable between the groups data not shown. Information regarding the sexual activity of the women in the three age groups is shown in Table 2.

Though a minority of women reported sexual distress, at 2. There was no significant difference between the three groups in the domain score on hage orgasm.

Sexuality in China - Wikipedia

Menstrual status differed across the groups, and together with age, had an interaction effect on sexual function. Among the eligible women, 78 womrn randomly taken vaginal smears for evaluating VMI and measuring pH value.

However, vaginal smears in finding new snapchat friends of the 78 women were excluded due to uneven distribution of the exfoliated cells, which could not be evaluated under the microscope. Therefore, 70 women were analyzed for VMI, 26 in the youngest, 23 in intermediate, and 21 in the eldest groups Fig.

VMI, classified chinese women have sex a mild to moderate and hafe degree of estrogen effect Fig. A high degree of estrogen effect was exhibited in In contrast, a high degree of estrogen effect was present in A Bonferroni correction of the P value yielded 0. The mean vaginal pH values were chinese women have sex. This was a cross-sectional study comparing the sexual activity and function of different age groups of middle-aged Chinese women.

Educator Chang Mengran is trying to teach Chinese women about their of sex education is having tangible consequences in China—where. Conclusions: The results of the present study indicated that most men and women in China could enjoy their sex lives through the most common way: sexual. Only 1 woman had received sex education in the home since most sex-related topics were considered taboo. The Canadian born women had been educated in .

chinese women have sex We found that Chinese women at age 56 to 60 years experienced lower sexual frequency and less sexual distress than did women aged 45 to 55 years, as discussed. Sexual function among the 56 chinese women have sex year-olds was also significantly lower than that among women aged 45 to 55 years.

Moreover, sexual desire was lower among 56 to year-olds, compared with 45 to year-olds. Nevertheless, vaginal discomfort during sexual intercourse became more prevalent with age. Sexual function is influenced and classified by sociodemographic, physical, and psychological factors. A previous study indicated that more frequent sexual activity was associated with a younger age.

In a large study on middle-aged and older women, Asian women tended to report less frequent sexual activity than did White women.

Sexual distress is characterized by negative feelings and anxiety about one's sexuality or sexual activity. Berra et al 21 evaluated sexual distress using a female sexual distress scale, and revealed that impairment of sexual function was massage green kalamazoo distressful for postmenopausal However, the percentage of women who reported sexual distress was low 2.

Likewise, the rate of verbal communication among women chinese women have sex each age group was low. Pan et al also reported that a minority of Chinese women share their feelings regarding sex with their partners. Low rates of sexual frequency, distress, and verbal communication among middle-aged women in our study could be attributable to traditional Chinese culture and attitudes towards sex.

Among Asian women, sexuality is more linked to procreation. Indeed, as noted previously, China is a nation with a long history of conservatism and the Chinese, especially females, are reluctant to discuss sexual topics.

The FSFI is a broadly used and highly reliable instrument for assessing female sexual function. The finding probably indicates a significant decline chinese women have sex sexual function in women after menopause.

Chinese women have sex

A similar pattern was evident in the domain of FSFI for sexual desire, arousal, and satisfaction. The results are consistent with Nappi et al's 6 findings chinese women have sex the overall FSFI score varies with stage of menopause, with the total FSFI score being less in early postmenopausal women than in perimenopausal women, as does the domain score of FSFI for chihese desire, arousal, satisfaction, and orgasm.

However, there was a discrepancy in the aspect of sexual orgasm, in which we did not find a significant decline in the score. In the literature, data supporting the association of menopause with low desire and arousal, but problems with orgasm, are not chinese women have sex. In our study, a minority of women reported no sexual intercourse during the previous month.

Attitudes of Chinese women towards sexuality and birth control.

Sexual activity and function lesbeins have sex evaluated according to last intercourse. In the present study, we observed a gradual reduction in the domain score chinese women have sex FSFI for vaginal lubrication and pain among the women according to age.

Moreover, multiple analyses revealed lower scores among the women in not only the eldest group, but also among those in the intermediate group, compared with the youngest group.

The result may suggest that vaginal discomfort during sexual intercourse becomes more chinese women have sex with age ie, from 45 to 60 years old.

Indeed, an age-related reduction in lubrication and sex-related pain has been documented. The wex tract is the target chinese women have sex of sex hormones. VMI and vaginal pH are objective measures, representing the estrogen effect on vaginal epithelia. However, a high estrogen effect was present among few women in the eldest chinfse. Few of these confirmed dietary intake of sex sauna club products, which may have an effect on VMI.

Chinese women have sex

Vaginal pH value may be a better measure than VMI for the clinical evaluation of the vaginal ecosystem. Both a central permissive role of estrogen in awareness and chinese women have sex and an initiating role of womeb in desire are evident in women.

Indeed, we found a significant interaction effect of menstrual status and age on sexual function.