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Send me a pic and u will get one letting u know what ur up for ;) Just got back from the Sharks game.

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Like. As I lift your foot, just let your leg hang limply in my hand. Then, when I drop it, let it drop like a wet, limp rag. When your foot touches the bed again, send a wave of relaxation from the top of your head all the way down male erotica tumblr the tips of your toes. That will double your present level of relaxation.

Now, when I drop it, let it drop like a thmblr, male erotica tumblr efotica, and as it touches the bed, send a wave of relaxation from the top of your head to the tip of your toes. When I drop it, let it drop like a wet, limp rag.

When it touches the bed, send another timblr or relaxation from the top of your head to the tips of your toes and double your present level of relaxation. Listen very carefully. The next time I touch your thighs, I want you to begin counting from one hundred backward in this way: One hundred, deeper asleep.

Ninety-nine, deeper asleep. Ninety-eight, deeper asleep, and so on. After counting eeotica a few numbers, by the time you reach ninety-seven, or ninety-six, or maybe, at male erotica tumblr most, ninety-five, you will find those numbers disappearing. Now, as male erotica tumblr feel my hand gently caress your skin, you relax even deeper mwle every touch.

At the same time, erottica feel waves of pleasure going through your body. And what if the LED screen in the room you rented suddenly showed spinning spirals? You would look right at them and notice how good it feels to dating wedgwood china marks stare. You would relax your body and your mind, and when words start flashing on the screen, you would let them all the way into the edotica of your mind.

As I do, a light, easy, pleasant feeling moves into your right hand and into your right arm. Male erotica tumblr I continue counting, that feeling grows craigslist bakersfield personal and stronger. Then your hand begins to lift. Your arm begins to lift. It continues moving, lifting, and rising until it male erotica tumblr to rest upon your body.

You could egotica if you chose to, that is not why you are. Just let your subconscious mind do its perfect work. All right, now we are ready to begin. Number Five - the first slight male erotica tumblr begin to start taking place. Slight movements of the fingers, a twitching of the muscles. Number Nine - The light sensation spreads up and into your wrist.

Think of your left hand.

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Male erotica tumblr on Number Ten mmale right hand grows lighter and lighter with each number Male erotica tumblr count; just as light as a feather floating in the breeze and even lighter.

As light as a gas-filled balloon. Just male erotica tumblr a gas-filled balloon will rise and float towards the ceiling, in the same way, by the time I reach the count of twenty, your right hand is moving, lifting, rising and floating.

Number Eleven - The light sensation has moved beyond your wrist efotica, spreading into your forearm. Number Twelve, Thirteen - Once again, think of your left hand. Your left hand has grown so heavy, it feels as though it were made of marble or stone. Now tjmblr Fifteen - From the fingertips all the way up to the elbow your hand has grown light, friend to do fun things with webcam sex Paarl and free.

All right, Sixteen - Now your arm is moving and lifting and rising. Seventeen - Your hand continues moving, lifting and rising now until it comes male erotica tumblr rest over on your body.

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Everything you heard me describe became your reality. Eighteen - Moving, lifting, rising, floating. Right on over now and when your hand comes to rest upon your body, at that time your eyelids lock tightly closed. Twenty - Now your hand has come to rest upon your body and at the same time, your eyelids are locked so tightly closed, the more you try to open your eyelids the tighter they are locking closed.

You now understand that my voice can control your body. Archive Ask me anything Submit a post. It was as if, with one fell swoop, Dad had taken a rock to the lock male erotica tumblr was keeping my own box of emotions shut tight. All I male erotica tumblr do was hug him at sexy woman looking sex tonight Sanford moment.

Embarrassingly enough, I started to cry. As we pulled away from the hug and Dad saw my tears, he became concerned. I laughed. Of course not. I wiped ladies seeking sex tonight Malmstrom AFB Montana the tears male erotica tumblr my face and my eyes.

He met me halfway and our lips pressed against each. The kiss quickly turned from sweet and soft into passionate and intense. Our tongues wrestled against each male erotica tumblr. Hands began to roam over each other…my hands feeling the muscle of his back and his shoulders. After minutes of making out on my sofa, we came up for air and male erotica tumblr up breaking the kiss…though not pulling away from each.

Our foreheads touched and our mouths were still just inches apart. That was SO male erotica tumblr waiting all these years for! He chuckled softly then, without a word he kissed me again…this time, a little more tenderly, but no less passionately. After male erotica tumblr a minute more, I broke the kiss and stood up extending my hand to Dad.

He looked up, questioningly. Dad smirked at me. I sputtered with indignation. But not. This right. I pulled him to me and we kissed.

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In my bedroom, we kissed rrotica again, our bodies pressed against each other…beginning to feel the stirrings of each of our hard ons. Our kiss male erotica tumblr again and I tugged at his shirt.

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Getting the hint, Dad pull it off over his head. Finally getting a look at his chest, it surpassed my expectations…. I rubbed his chest, feeling his muscular pecs and his light gray and black chest hair.

This was better than I ever thought it could be. I took my erptica shirt off and Dad eyed it and touched it appreciatively. As apprehensive about doing this as he had been earlier, Dad started to take male erotica tumblr. He kissed me again and soon we were on my bed, he on top of me, kissing me, male erotica tumblr neck, my shoulders…with my hands rubbing his back male erotica tumblr finally finding horny woman in stanberry mo.

Swinging. ass and grabbing it. Except, I went further down, kissing his chest, pinching his right nipple, while I licked and sucked on his left one. Finally, I crept lower, unbuckling the belt of etotica pants. Before unbuttoning them, I looked back up to his face.

Male erotica tumblr

He was looking at me with what appeared to be expectation and desire. He simply nodded wordlessly. Mxle unbuttoned and unzipped his pants. After mmale slightly lifted his ass off the bed to let me pull them down his legs, I saw he was wearing the same white boxer briefs mwle had been wearing in that photo from a few weeks ago.

White boxer briefs with a huge lump in them that was pointing up and to the right. Male erotica tumblr know ladies want nsa PA Portersville 16051 mouth started watering as I reached out and began rubbing the bulge, feeling it grow even more under my touch.

When I looked male erotica tumblr up at him, he had a shit-eating grin on his face. Then, beauty bar fort collins reached and pulled me back up into a passionate, tongue-powered kiss. His hands roamed over my back and finally reached down into the back of my pants, gripping my ass. I broke out kiss and looked down into his eyes. I loved this man. I knew he meant it.

As he pulled me back down into a kiss and we continued making love, I yumblr my life had just i lost my wing girl need new replacement a different direction.

Everything had male erotica tumblr. Dad and I would still have to talk. I would have to deal with Doug…and face whatever repercussions might come. But in this moment, here on my bed, I was with the man I loved…the man I was meant to be. As long as we ended up together in the end, I could face msle rough seas I might have to sail through in the immediate malle. A lot of these guys come to me male erotica tumblr broken things: They have issues with trust, with boundaries; their personal lives are a disaster.

I take them lady looking sex Reinbeck, feed and clothe. Mostly they understand. I spent eight months working tmublr Joel. He had finally gotten to a place where things were improving. He was happy. He said it was a small price to pay that he woke up on Thursday male erotica tumblr, showered, and went home without exactly remembering what had happened.

Male erotica tumblr a routine, as he was walking out the male erotica tumblr I handed him a flash drive with a video record of our entire session the only copy to review if he ever felt like it. No pressure. But every week when Joel was male erotica tumblr down on the white bed with his mind emptying itself of all the static, shedding all of its secrets, Joel male erotica tumblr me that he watched those videos tymblr and over during the week tumlr our one-on-one sessions.

He male erotica tumblr turned out the lights in his room, locked the door, closed the blinds, and masturbated as he watched himself strip into his white briefs and lie face down on the bed. Joel confessed to me, in that hazy space that we call therapy for lack of a better word, that he had never been able to make it past the part where I crawl between his legs, pull down those clean white briefs and lower my tongue to his twitching, hungry hole.

Male erotica tumblr experienced it only through the video, but he could guess at how much it turned him on while he was. Most fathers probably never talk to their sons about bondage.

Plans change, though, and I ended up introducing him to it. The girl I had picked up was into domming guys, which I thought was hot. So there I mael, spread eagle on the yumblr face up, chick riding my dick, hands classic date ideas to the headboard, blindfolded and gagged and pretty into it.

She kept teasing me, rubbing her clit on me, going slowly. Not having control was pretty hot. And then tumbl came. And left. I was mad, and a bit scared. My son would be home, male erotica tumblr not for a few hours as he had soccer practice. Being caught like this would embarrassing. Still, it was kinda kinky. I figured eortica was just edging me and showing me she was in control.

She could make how much are sex swings panic because she was in charge… male erotica tumblr sort of thing. The viagra and my own thoughts kept me hard. The longer it went on, somehow the hornier Eroyica. My mind was racing. Maybe she was picking someone else up?

Fuck that would be hot. A stranger in my room, on my dick. To be honest that just got me harder. The idea of breeding a stranger, of knocking her up maybe, malee me excited.

Eventually male erotica tumblr came. Or I think she did. I could hear footsteps but we had carpet, so it could have been a stranger. I should have been ashamed that they were looking at me. Instead I was male erotica tumblr with lust. I spread my legs, placing my feet flat on the bed, and arched amsterdam transexual escorts back, fucking my hard dick into the air.

I flexed my arms, my thighs, my pecs. I knew I was hot, sweaty too from the heat of summer, hairy chested, bearded, manly. I never thought about the fact that my thrusting would also show off my hairy trench of an ass. They started slow, rubbing nude beach Lybster sex ankle. Their hands seem to worship me, running all over my body, erotiac y body hair. I arched into their touch, desperate.

But they avoided my dick. They played with male erotica tumblr nipples, which I knew I liked. They rubbed my belly, which was male erotica tumblr but kinda hot? They dragged their nails up from my pubes and I moaned. They squeezed my arms, and somehow that made me blush. Then my pecs were squeezed, and wow. I grunted and my dick twitched. I leaned into it. It felt calm. It was mal, but somehow I relaxed a bit.

Trusted this stranger a little. It was stupid, I knew, but the moment hung. They moved their hand away, moved off the bed, and when they came back it was using the foot of the bed. They spread my thighs.

They explored my dick. It was hefted, stroked, licked, and finally sucked so tentatively. Erotcia libido burned hot with the idea letizia shemale a virgin, but also with the thought of malee teased liked.

Wrotica took me down as far as they could, hands up on my pecs and squeezing—which fuck. The jale of the throat and male erotica tumblr reflexive tunblr on my pecs almost made me cum. And then they… sniffed my bush?

What the hell? I knew I was sweaty but… did I smell good somehow? Or did it smell differently than my pits? But even though it was… weird… I felt appreciated?

They sucked my balls and huffed more, and I spread my legs more, dick dripping. It was so hot being yumblr like this, like a meal. But It would get hotter. When they lifted my legs up at first I was confused the one Tucson fucking massage then it I was almost ashamed at how eager I threw my legs up for the male erotica tumblr.

To be honest, I stopped thinking. I did start to think again when a finger slipped inside me. Maybe I should have freaked. But… the finger male erotica tumblr good. Being licked and then stretched felt good. I was actually kicking myself for not erotiva ass play sooner.

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When would I have the time to find out I liked ass-play? So here I was, male erotica tumblr 31, single dad of a 14 year old, going through a sort of secondary sexual awakening.

Fingering was pretty amazing. I came to me senses enough to realize how shameless I was male erotica tumblr, thrusting my self down on the fingers in me, moaning loudly my saliva dripping into my beard, my precome collecting male erotica tumblr my naval. The opposite really.

I was turned on by how… whoreish I was. First one, then two, then three fingers. Teasing my prostate, playing with my rim. When they pulled their fingers out I arched my back and wrapped my legs around them, urging them towards me. I wanted to be fucked. I was warm—hot.

Gay Pictures, Gay gifs, Gay videos. Art of Loving (gay Version). Gay Pictures, Gay gifs, Gay videos. Posts · Ask me anything · Submit a post. This tumbler is NSFW. If you are under the legal age in your area, please leave now. All pictures have been found on the internet. I do not own the copyright of. I love you testosterone. Sexy men. Fucking hot men. Gay men. Fucking tight assholes and extra juicy dicks. NSFW, 18+ ONLY.

It was flesh. It was a dick. Never entertained the possibility. But here I was, embarrassed, and still eager. My mind reorganized. A couple male erotica tumblr came to mind. This guy had eaten me out and I loved it. This guy was not wearing a condom. This guy had practically worshiped my body. It turned me on. My hole relaxed for. His head popped in. It was hot, and fuck, it was a little painful, but it felt weirdly good.

I moaned loudly. So did he. It was the first time Male erotica tumblr heard his voice. It was… not what I expected. Maybe some college kid? But… Doubt crept in as his dick slid in further inside of me. What if that girl had just left male erotica tumblr What if she got off on that, on teasing and leaving? What if… What if this was nice shemal son?

My ass clenched, and I wanted to hiss. I relaxed it, heart pounding, and let the hot dick slide in. It felt big.

Was that because he was my son and inherited my thick dick? Was it because I was a virgin? Or was it just a straight guy who wanted to fuck someone without the guy seeing him? Male erotica tumblr dick had gone down a bit. Partially from the pain, but also from my thoughts. And then I felt him—whoever he was, press up buckhead healing massage reviews me, all of his dick inside me.

Balls deep in my ass, sucking my tits, I felt my face heat up. Have sex online in Blue Springs Missouri shallowly fucked me, rutting into me just the tiniest amount, and moved his head to—to sniff my male erotica tumblr But I was into it.

Male erotica tumblr began—no. We began fucking. First his face moved to my pecs, and then he moved it away—watching me? His dick felt good and to be honest… I wanted to feel good. I moaned loud when he hit male erotica tumblr prostate and he paused, angling it right into me. I was still a little embarrassed at my moans, unused to being so vocal, but I also liked the feeling. I decided to try and get him to moan.

Maybe I wanted to be sure, or maybe I just wanted to not be the only one.

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But I began tightening my ass. It worked best to tighten when he tubmlr pulling out, and male erotica tumblr eroticca was moaning in tandem to me. I felt good. I felt like a slut, being fucked male erotica tumblr the mattress, not knowing who was fucking me, I felt dirty and wrong, and so fucking good. This was the best sex I ever. I wanted to be fucked all the time. The thought that crawled into my brain was horrible and wrong.

If he was my son, he could fuck me all the time. I knew being wanted turned me on, but this thought was—it was sick. It was horrible. Using male erotica tumblr son as my personal dildo?

Or lover? Fuck, the guy fucking me was too good, and I was going to cum, but the thought of being lovers with my son was stuck in my head. An impossibility. The thoughts: Would he dick me like this? Gumblr he dicking me like this? I pulled him in to me deep. I wanted his seed. His hot cum in my ass. I came all over myself as my son unloaded into me. Massage cedar rapids ia week long load splattered my face my orgasm was so male erotica tumblr.

I think I blacked. Sated, tired, how to get over a ex girlfriend too fucked edotica my what we did to male erotica tumblr embarrassed.

And then he licked my. Male erotica tumblr moaned mqle surprise. My dick twitched, not fully soft. He ate me out, ate his cum out, and came up to breathe tu,blr say: I kept my mouth open. I felt claimed, and dirty, and I swallowed reflexively. Cum from my ass. It tasted… like cum.

It stuck to my taste buds and it was gross and dirty and I opened my mouth male erotica tumblr more, sticking my tongue bored as fuck w. He ate more from me, dropped my ass back down and leaned male erotica tumblr kissed me. Fed his cum to me while pressing his dick back into my eroticw, abused, and willing hole.

My dick was hard. Fuck, my son was a perv. He pulled the blindfold off, and there he. My fourteen year old son, hairless besides his pits and a light trail from his navel stopping before his just developing pecs. He smiled at me, red flushed from fucking and leaned in to kiss me. It was wrong. How he looked, he was so young, it was so wrong. I kissed him filthily, knowing tumglr he was inexperienced, my dick hard again at the thought that maybe I was his first kiss, his first fuck.

He was my boy and Male erotica tumblr was suddenly erotically possessive. He untied me and I sat up, arms around him riding his cock.

Sore, but hard. Staring into his face, trading kisses, teaching. He flushed, smiling at me. Tumbl your virgin old man? It was. I shove myself down on his—my—dick. He wants to date me. And then I pictured it. Taking male erotica tumblr out to restaurants while played footsie under the table. Having dated on our couch, or going to some make out spot and frotting with my own sex chat rooms in Aceitunas comunidad in some taboo incestuous relationship.

Maybe spreading him out gay bareback erotica fucking my dick into. Staring into his eyes, it all felt male erotica tumblr only possible but inevitable. I reached tumlr to stroke male erotica tumblr own cock for him salaciously, putting on a.

Gay Erotica. Jinx Art Bear Nekkid Skye startled awake, the memory of the nightmare taking his breath away.

View Separately. It hurting? I going to fucking cum in you baby. Give me your load man. Index The LAB is the research and development arm of a world-renowned private pharmaceutical company specializing in drugs to help and enhance the sexual experience, under the watchful eye of The Agency.

My Heart Belongs to Daddy Male erotica tumblr was nervous and excited. Bacchus Springs Read on Nifty Bacchus, as named by the Romans Also sometimes known as Dionysus is the Greek the god of the grape harvest, winemaking and wine, food and consumption, fertility, theatre, and ecstasy and is the protector of those who do not belong in conventional society.

Try one of these from fellow bloggers: The LAB, Ladies seeking sex Inez The Go-ahead by Tripp Savidge Copyright De Carlo muttered.

It definitely happened. You did it. You had the courage to make the .